Wakatake no Moriwakayama Farm

Wakatake no Moriwakayama Farm | Grand Mercure Nasu Highlands Resort & Spa [Official]

Wakayama Farm has a 24-hectare field in the northern part of Utsunomiya City, behind the Nikko Mountains. For more than a hundred years of three generations of parents and children in this area, based on the belief of the word "agriculture is in soil creation", we have been making bamboo shoots and chestnuts with a focus on natural recycling farming method.
In times when bamboo is not used, it became a rare space, so it has been used as many location locations and has become a hot topic. You can enter the bamboo grove one step, forget your daily life and spend a relaxing time while being wrapped in the sound of the falling sun and bamboo sounds. In the hall, you can also enjoy illuminations in winter, such as cafes and bamboo craft experiences.

Basic Information

2018, Takaragihoncho, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
Facility name
Wakatake no Moriwakayama Farm