In the store with a sophisticated atmosphere with elegant interior, we used ingredients from local Nasu Kogen.
Have a moment at a buffet restaurant while enjoying a wonderful meal.
Our buffet restaurant, where the refined atmosphere of elegant interiors and delicious dishes made using local Nasu Highland's ingredients come together,
will help you find the dish that completes your meal.

Buffet Restaurant

Nasu Kogen is famous as a summer resort in summer. Cows and goats are vulnerable to heat, and cool places have better milk quality and higher milk. This area, where large-scale reclamation began after World War II, is very suitable for dairy products production and boasts the second largest raw milk production after Hokkaido.

The Lounge - Evening Social | Grand Mercure Nasu Highlands Resort & Spa


Enjoy a special moment away from it all in a luxurious setting.
Sit back with a drink in hand, and enjoy a special moment to yourself to let all the wonders of travel soak in.
Enjoy soft drinks like coffee, tea, and infused water, or treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage such as wine or beer.

Hot Spring Lounge | Grand Mercure Nasu Highlands Resort & Spa


A calming space subtly illuminated by a warm, soft light.
After a relaxing soak in the bath, quench your thirst with a refreshing vinegar drink and relax on the sofa.
In the evening, try a sweet sip of amazake for a perfect end to a good day.

The Lounge - Night Cap Grand Mercure Nasu Highlands Resort & Spa


Let your taste buds join the adventure with Local Bites, which offers local specialties featuring the flavors of Nasu.
End the day with a moment of sophistication in the bar lounge.
Take your time to relax in a comfortable space, letting the memories of your travels soak in.
Talk over your adventures with your loved ones and friends over plates of local specialties or with a drink in hand.